Minimize Late-Stage Changes by Linking Requirements and Tests with Development Activity

Ensure requirements, test plans, and test cases are clearly defined, approved, tracked, and integrated with Jira throughout your development lifecycle.

„Once the tasks are confirmed as completed in JIRA, the project manager then completes them in Jama Connect. This gives the entire project team full visibility into the lifecycle of the project and its current status. It also gives the project manager a better ability to manage the project’s timeline, critical dates, and customer expectations.”

Marshall King, Senior Vice President of IT Solutions

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Key Benefits

Effectively Manage Change and Traceability Throughout the Development Lifecycle

Stay Aligned to Market and User Needs

Integrate upstream planning, requirements, and test plans into an iterative development process. Ensure what you build satisfies market, compliance, and user requirements.

Maintain Visibility into Downstream Development

Accurately capture and communicate requirements, goals, progress, and interdependencies to remove friction throughout the development process.

Eliminate Late-Stage Rework and Quality Gaps Due to Misalignment

Capture needs and maintain agreement on what you are building. Guarantee everyone is working off the most current spec, so the software ultimately delivers its intended value.

Support a Formal Change Management Process

Identify implications of product alterations and impacted owners so development teams make informed decisions as requirements evolve.


Key Features of the Jama Connect and Jira Integration

Flexibility to Support Your Unique Development Methodology

Configurable workflows accommodate various processes, development methods, and tools to grow adoption.

Bi-directional Integration

Keep data in sync to improve the accuracy, quality, and transparency of work across the entire lifecycle.

Live Traceability

Get end-to-end traceability from high-level requirements through to tasks, test cases, and defects to confirm requirements are fully satisfied.

Integrated Test Management

Define, organize, and execute requirements-based test plans and test cases to boost efficiency and ensure quality and compliance.


Centrally manage compliance-related process documents in a structured way to easily prove regulatory compliance.


When Jira and Confluence Are Not Enough:
Optimizing Agile Requirements Management for Enterprise Software Development

While business value drives product and software development, teams can easily lose sight of the big picture as projects get broken down in development, leading to costly delays and rework.

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