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Equip your teams with the freedom to innovate and the tools they need to do their best work.

Live Traceability

Ensure product quality and improve change management with complete traceability

Maintain a rigorous change management process and reveal interdependencies within the process to keep projects on track.

  • Easily navigate upstream and downstream relationships to understand the impact of change and coverage across the development lifecycle
  • Save time finding gaps in overall test coverage
  • Understand change impact before it happens
  • Track relationships across projects
  • Identify potentially problematic links when changes are made
  • Produce traceability documentation required by regulators
  • Relationship Rules are tracked across projects with a visual schematic that shows the impact and reach of information across the organization.

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Real-time Collaboration

Ensure secure, cross-functional collaboration across teams, customers and complex supply chains to remove friction throughout the development process.

Collaboration in Jama Connect is the key to helping engineering teams streamline and optimize their product development processes in today’s highly competitive market

  • View open decisions, issues and questions that require response
  • Make timely decisions by responding directly to emails and @mentioning stakeholders
  • Stream discussions to quickly get a pulse on a project and seamlessly bring new users and stakeholders into current conversations
  • View actions quickly: who authored an item, made an edit, commented or was mentioned
  • Shorten milestone phases, reduce development cycles and improve efficiency, helping teams identify risks and opportunities
  • Quickly see who authored, made an edit, or commented on a requirement to connect users and enhance collaboration

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Review Center

Transition from a document-centric to a data-centric approach, and capture reviews, approvals, and feedback from stakeholders in one central place.

Review Center provides an iterative, collaborative approach to reviewing requirements and tests in real-time.

  • Enable efficient and scalable reviews and shorten review cycles by up to 50%
  • Prioritize critical decisions and align stakeholders to improve response times, minimize meetings and eliminate communication bottleneck
  • Facilitate compliant reviews and approvals by creating a standardized review process, gaining formal approvals and exporting to an auditable system of record
  • Engage unlimited stakeholders: Drive participation from buyers, suppliers and partners across organizational boundaries for centralized definitions, input, and decisions

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Test and Quality Management

Give your Quality Assurance (QA) teams the ability to create and organize test plans, test cases, dashboards and reports to manage testing easily, in real time.

Bring your testing teams into the development process earlier to view and run their test cases and instantly log connected defects when tests fail. Your team can:

  • Engage in real-time conversations about the impact and prioritization of defects
  • Execute, open, or assign tests that directly associate with requirements and features
  • Integrate with trusted solutions for test execution and automation
  • Build custom reports that provide the analysis you need for industry compliance
  • Easily show auditors the connections between regulations, requirements, and tests

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Risk and Hazard Analysis

Simplify compliance with integrated risk management

Performing risk analysis early and often throughout the product development process allows your teams the ability to:

  • Identify, estimate, and evaluate risks directly in Jama Connect
  • Ensure risk analysis is updated throughout the process with real-time data
  • Provide more coverage by easily tracing open risks and linking them back to requirements
  • Build a comprehensive risk management profile based on techniques including Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) and FMEA in accordance with ISO 14971 and IEC 60812
  • Ensure quality and safety in complex product development

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Reuse and Baseline Management

Reduce development time and ensure consistency across projects

Compare versions of a requirement, generate branches to develop a variant, and create catalogs of reusable requirements and baselines of your development streams at milestones or versions.

  • Compare two versions of a requirement side by side and see what changed
  • Keep your data organized and secure across one project or many, automatically
  • Create a baseline by taking a “snapshot” that documents the current state of a project, or any subset of a project, at a given point in time
  • Create catalogs of reusable requirements to get your next product to market faster
  • Generate branches of a product to develop a variant or a new version

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Additional Capabilities in Jama Connect:

Jama Connect brings people and data together in one place, providing visibility and actionable insights into the product development lifecycle.

Workflow & Configuration

Easy configuration that supports your existing processes, and enables maximum adoption and usability across teams.


Flexibility to import/export requirements data to/from Jama Connect to operate effectively within the customer/supply chain.


Extend tools across the product development lifecycle by having the flexibility to create connectors to the existing tool chain, in-house.

Visibility & Compliance

Easily create and share reports that provide visibility across the product development lifecycle to expose relationship and dependencies between teams, and demonstrate to auditors the connections between regulations, requirements, and tests.

Customer Support &

Our in-house support team ensures software upgrades are handled in a quality and timely manner and our managed, on-line community supports on-going education and enhanced product adoption.

Subscription-based Scalable
Deployment Models

Deployment for both cloud & on-prem models, scalable to meet each client’s unique needs. Easily manage changes & software releases at any pace you choose—regardless of your deployment type.

Customer & Supply Chain
Integration Connectors

Seamlessly connect to other tools across the development lifecycle to ensure traceability and alignment with development teams.

Validation & Functional
Safety Kits

Streamline your process and reduce the time required for validation of Jama Connect and ongoing incremental enhancements in safety-critical environments.

Data Exchange for
Jama Connect

Enable the transfer of requirements and metadata between customers and suppliers, using the industry standard ReqiF file format.

Superior Support and Professional Services designed to ensure that you get the value you need and expect from Jama Connect

We are your partner from initial implementation and deployment, ensuring that our users understand how to get the most from the platform, and help you evolve the solution to meet your changing business needs.

Enterprise Essentials & Elite Support

An assigned and dedicated technical account manager will bring customized support to your team, facilitating optimized adoption and daily usage for your business.

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Professional Services

Consulting services that balance industry best practices with adoption-oriented practicalities. Various services packages are available to meet your unique needs.

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