Seamlessly Connect Development Solutions to Facilitate Product Success

Complex product development requires full traceability, visibility, and collaboration across the development lifecycle. When development solutions are disconnected, information and teams become siloed, often leading to rework, miscommunication, and missed deadlines.

Featured Integrations

Accelerate Complex Product Development with These Featured Integrations

Efficiently scale Agile practices and manage the complexity of product development with streamlined test management.


Ensure requirements, test plans, and test cases are clearly defined, signed-off, tracked, and integrated with Jira throughout your development process.

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Reduce the cost of testing by extending the support of industry specific workflows and improving code quality, safety, and security.


Better manage the complexity of product development, quality assessment, and functional safety analysis with ANSYS


Key Benefits

Extend Your Development Technology Stack with Best-in-Class Requirements Management

Integrate Jama Connect with best-of-breed solutions

Integrate requirements and test cases with leading solutions to ensure full traceability, visibility, and collaboration across the development lifecycle.

Visibility into product development

Minimize delays due to misalignment with real-time visibility into coverage and development status.

Stay aligned to market and user needs

Integrate upstream planning, requirements, and test plans into an iterative development process to ensure that what you build satisfies market, compliance, and user requirements, and that its been adequately tested.

Integration Categories

Integrate Jama Connect with Best-of-Breed Solutions Across the Entire Product Development Lifecycle

Take advantage of our integration solutions with market-leading software to automate workflow and accelerate product launch.

Product Development Lifecycle

Design and Simulation

Accelerate the design phase of the product development lifecycle with efficiency and scale by connecting requirements in Jama Connect with model-based design tools.

Task Management

Improve team collaboration and effectiveness by synchronizing artifacts for task management across the software development lifecycle.

Lifecycle Management

Link Jama Connect to market leading ALM and PLM tools to extend and adapt across the current client ecosystem.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Support bi-direction flow of artifacts to support traceability, minimize late stage changes, improve quality, and prove compliance.

Project Portfolio Management

Link Jama Connect to market-leading project portfolio management tools to reduce rework and task overhead from manual processes.

DevOps (Configuration Management)

Ensure each requirement is aligned with DevOps tools to provide traceability to source code with reduced dependency on manual effort.

Case Study

Industry-Leading Practices Modernize Legacy Public Health Software System

Using Jama Connect, Deloitte utilizes their leading practices to provide clients with the requirements and test management and end-to-end bidirectional traceability needed to produce high-quality products while reducing risk.

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Deloitte Case Study

Integration Partners

Integrate and Accelerate with Leading Integration Hubs

With standard and custom API integrations and popular third-party integration hubs, teams can work in familiar tools while contributing updates and context to projects in Jama Connect.

Integrating OpsHub can help accelerate development, reduce errors, and improve decision making by connecting your development ecosystem.

Integrations through Tasktop store all product information in a central repository, enabling organizations to collaborate across teams for optimal product development.

Jama’s easy-to-use REST API allows developers to build custom applications and integrations with other tools for more flexibility, scalability, and security.

Enable engineering teams to collaborate and concurrently develop across the product development lifecycle using Intercax to connect with model-based engineering tools used in complex systems.

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