Jama Connect for Air, Space, Sea, and Defense Programs

A solution designed for innovative teams building safety-critical products for civil and military aviation, space, sea, and defense systems. Streamline the development of safety-critical products, while accelerating time to market with frameworks and templates aligned to industry standards.





Key Benefits

In the increasingly complex, competitive, and rapidly evolving aerospace and defense industry, market forces are creating new challenges for systems engineering teams. Jama Connect is designed to help teams:

Facilitate effective communication, collaboration, and alignment

Inform decision making with increased system design understanding and visibility across the engineering process

Reduce risk and barriers to compliance with simplified audit preparation

Simplify CDRL (contract data requirements list) preparation

Satisfy the mission of building safety-critical products with accelerated speed to market

Improve alignment between government and contractor

Key Features

In addition to Jama Connect’s standard requirements, test, and hazard analysis management, you’ll get the following valuable features:

Visualization of the shared system model

Requirements, risk, and validation & verification as a single source of truth

Standard frameworks aligned to key industry regulations

Data exchange for ReqIF file formats

Training and consulting to get your teams up and running quickly

Out-of-the-box configuration and procedure guides

Export templates for CDRLs & trace reports

Jama Connect supports 5 of the top 10 aerospace companies world-wide and many leading innovators in electric aircraft, urban air mobility, space and defense.

Elroy Air
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Accelerate Development With a Solution Aligned to Support Airborne Systems Standards and Regulations

Built to include key frameworks that support safety-critical standards and regulations in avionics product development.
  • ARP4754/ED-79 (Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) – certification considerations for highly-integrated or complex aircraft systems
  • DO-178C/ED-12C – the primary standard for commercial avionics software development
  • DO-254/ED-80 – the primary standard for commercial avionics hardware development
  • Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) – provides a compendium of the key knowledge sources and references of systems engineering organized and explained to assist a wide variety of users

Download the full solution overview to see how Jama Connect for Airborne Systems helps teams increase confidence, decrease time to value, reduce deployment time, accelerate adoption, and reduce the impact of change

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Requirements and Regulations

Increase Efficiency and Innovation in Federal and Public Sector Acquisition Programs

“The service and usability of Jama are a high point. I was extremely impressed with how intuitive the system was to use right out of the box. The Professional Services team has been extremely helpful every step of the way and was instrumental in helping us set up a usable system in a very short period”.

Neel Kunjur Kitty Hawk

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Ensure Product Quality and Meet Safety-Critical Standards

Live Traceability

Link high-level requirements to more detailed and sub-system requirements to ensure proper validation before release.

  • Increase efficiency
  • Drive alignment
  • Mitigate organizational risk

Risk Management

Establish a risk management framework to ensure quality and minimize design changes.

  • Mitigate risk earlier in development
  • Simplify functional compliance to industry standards


Track all changes to information within the system with customizable, real-time reporting, and baselining.

  • Maintain audit trails
  • Track all changes
  • Export data easily for exchange with external customers and suppliers

Data Exchange

Effectively collaborate with your customers and suppliers through requirements exchange, including standard Req-IF based data exchange.

  • Use Jama Connect while effectively interfacing with other requirements management tools
  • Avoid manual rework through roundtrip requirements over multiple interactions
  • Verify that all requirements are met, regardless of original source

Reviews & Approvals

Simplify the review and approval process by capturing feedback from stakeholders, including voting for priority and electronic signatures for approvals

  • Increase participation in the review process
  • Provide visibility sooner in the review process
  • Generate approval-ready content for e-signature faster

Validation & Verification

Seamlessly manage traceability to test cases used for safety-critical testing.

  • Provide evidence to comply with regulations and standards, like ARP4754/ED-79 and DO-178C/ED-12C

Meet Market Challenges and Manage Complexities with Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Learn how to leverage Jama Connect to enable cross discipline collaboration and a data-centric digital approach to prioritize speed of delivery.

  • Connect system relationships
  • Control systems configurations
  • Communicate an overall system picture accessible by all
  • Make it easier to integrate disparate material
  • Ensure everyone is working on the same up-to-date material, at all times
  • Eliminate problems with version control
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