Achieve Alignment Quicker with Digital Reviews and Approvals

Determining requirements, gathering feedback and getting a clear definition of shared commitment doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Connected reviews and approvals means you no longer have to consolidate redlines and comments from different documents and emails. It also lowers the manual effort so there’s fewer opportunities for misalignment, speeds time to agreement and enables virtual sign off.

Shorten the requirements development phase and get sign off on shared commitments faster with a real-time review process.

Streamline reviews

Drastically reduce the requirements definition phase by connecting customers and stakeholders to content for immediate access into review activity, feedback and decisions.

Reuse requirements dynamically

Whether building the next product version, reusing a standardized template or white-labeling common components, you can start your next project faster with a library of validated product details to reuse.

Collaborate efficiently

Real-time collaboration improves productivity, reduces the design process and helps your teams get critical context for improved decision making by connecting comments, decisions and reasoning throughout the project.

Deliver What’s Expected by Managing Proposed Changes

Project requirements can evolve a lot throughout the development process. To make sure you’re delivering what your customers and stakeholders expect, the impact of every change must be clear. By quickly seeing exactly which requirements and tests any adjustments will affect, you can rescope and manage expectations to budget or timeline.

Ensure you’re delivering against all requirements and understand the impact of change.

Change management

Maintain expectations and eliminate unnecessary disagreement by understanding the impact of change, negotiating tradeoffs and navigating adjustments throughout the development process.

Quality assurance

Confirm you’re building what the customer or stakeholders expect by enabling teams to execute test plans — including user acceptance testing — that directly relate to requirements and features.

Eliminate unknowns

Connect data and people throughout your process for real-time visibility into gaps in definition or test coverage, and rest assured that all product requirements are satisfied.

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