We understand how important data security is to you and your customers, and we work hard to ensure that data security and privacy is a top consideration in all of our business operations. Here are some of the ways we protect your IP.

AWS Cloud Platform

One of the core reasons we use Amazon’s AWS EC2 platform is the wealth of security experience Amazon has amassed over the years in building and growing AWS. Amazon’s AWS EC2 Platform is the gold standard not only for cloud applications, but also for application and data security. Amazon has successfully completed many security audits and is certified for some of the strictest and thorough standards.

Don’t take our word for it though. Amazon provides resources to expand on its certifications and third-party audits. For details on AWS certifications and accreditation, please visit aws.amazon.com/security.

Data Protection


In addition to constantly monitoring our web application security, we utilize SSL certificates for all our web transactions, meaning that all data transferred between our clients and our application are encrypted.

Data Isolation

In Jama’s multi-tenant environments, customer data resides in a unique, separate database. In addition, stored passwords are encrypted. You may designate a physical location to store your users’ personal data. Jama offers hosted services in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Data Access

Only a select group of Jama employees have access to our production environments and only after undergoing thorough background checks. Each is contractually bound to maintain customer confidentiality and trained on the intricacies of handling sensitive data. Additionally, we further secure these environments by providing individual credentials for each of our admins and conducting regular audits of our access logs to proactively detect any misconduct.

Jama will provide customers a copy of their data upon request, as well as delete and restore data (including backups). Jama stores all updates for audit purposes.


The ISO 27001 standard covers requirements and details associated with security topics, including policy, organization, building, network management, compliance, access control and more. Jama’s security practices are based on this standard. For details on ISO and ISO27001, visit iso.org/iso/home.htm.

Information Usage

The Jama Website

Jama Software collects site visitor information to guide web site optimization and opt-in marketing best practices. Should you provide information and opt in to marketing, you will receive periodic email from Jama. Those who opt in might also receive additional announcements from us about product updates, services or the company newsletter. You may opt out at any time.

Product Usage Data

Our product team is committed and dedicated to providing the absolute best Jama experience. To support this initiative, we might ask to access your anonymized usage data. This is optional and completely opt-in. Analysis of this data will inform our data-driven product development. Please see the Usage Data FAQ for more information.

Privacy and GDPR

Jama is committed to ensure the privacy of our customers’ personal information and our customer data. For more information, visit our privacy page at https://www.jamasoftware.com/privacy. Jama enters into DPAs and Standard Contractual Clauses with our customers and suppliers as appropriate.


Contact the Jama Support Team.